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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bits and Pieces

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For all the advances in technology, has anything really been invented in the computer age that can give more genuine pleasure than a simple book?

Is there anybody in the US who says more things that are true more frequently than economist and author Thomas Sowell (who does this kind of column much better that I)?

Could anything be more perfect than standing on the beach in Carmel, CA listening to the waves lap the shore, with a full moon rising at dusk?

Is there anybody who will save Britney Spears from herself and rewrite the impending fatal conclusion to her bizarre, sad story?

Is there any more ironic sight than that of John Edwards, a man who has made millions of dollars while producing nothing campaigning on the "greed" of companies that produce useful products and advocating taking their earnings and giving them to politicians who make their livings spending money that others worked for?

Would everybody who thinks 9/11 was an inside job, that George W. Bush invaded Iraq to line the pockets of "his oil buddies" and/or believes that the Trilateral Commission has its evil tentacles everywhere, please hook up with the folks who believe that aliens are kidnapping people to experiment on them, believe that crop circles are a form of alien communication and think that global warming will destroy humanity within the next decade and see if any of you thinks that any of the others are nuts? I'd be curious.

Is Jack Bauer great, or what?

Every day I deal with shallow, annoying people doing and saying dumb things, why on Earth would I want to watch "Reality TV" where shallow, annoying people do and say dumb things?

Hondas are great cars.

I read Lonesome Dove over a year ago and I still think of it often.

The Sopranos was addictive but would it really have been a crime if the last episode had had a satisfying conclusion?

I've always been a DC man more than a Marvel fan-boy.

Going from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon you see Man at his most extreme and then God at His. Man's got nothing on God.

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Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

I've always been a DC man more than a Marvel fan-boy.

Simpatico, indeed.