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Friday, April 4, 2008

Whatever Happened To The Promised Land?

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Today is the 40th Anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King's and it is a curious thing to listen to his I Have A Dream and I've Seen The Promised Land (delivered the night before he died) speeches. On the one hand so much has changed for the better: no longer are Blacks relegated to the back of the bus, Blacks have opportunities that would have been unthinkable in King's time. A Black man is credibly running for President. And yet so much of King's vision of the Promised Land seems as far off as it did when he gave his speeches.

The Great Society programs which had been advertised as way of levelling the playing field have largely devolved into a battlefield, where various identity groups fight for more; more money, more in-kind benefits, more, more, more. Those same Great Society programs wound up breaking apart the Black family, leaving us with a new problem; single mothers, largely poor and whose children are among the most likely to drop out of school, commit crimes, experience poverty themselves etc. Instead of a bright new day they helped usher in a morally bankrupt Gangsta culture.

And the dream of a color blind society has been perverted into a new voluntary segregation as can be seen on college campus' with separate Black studies, student union's, dorms and more. Affirmative action which has been promised as a method to assure access for the disadvantage has become a perverse plan in which color is now more important than the content of one's character or one's actual achievements.

While it is a fact that a Black man may actually get the nomination for President and could win that office it is disturbing that that Black man should be running supporting the policies that have so damaged Blacks over these years since Dr. King's death:

  • Abortion, an idea which was historically promoted by such as early 20th century progressive, racist and eugenicist, Margaret Sanger as a way of eliminating inferiors (i.e. Blacks) from the population is high on Barack Obama's list of priorities. Since the Roe vs. Wade decision over 12 million Black babies have been aborted. Margaret Sanger would approve of Obama's abortion position.
  • Dependence on government as opposed to self reliance. Obama wants to expand the intrusion of government into more and more spheres of American life, apparently incapable of telling the difference between the Great Society's stated goals and its actual results.
  • Minimum wage increases which, numerous studies have shown harms the young poor (largely Black) when the additional costs to small businesses causes them not hire where they otherwise might if wages were lower.

The list could go on and on and probably will continue to grow Dr. King has been replaced by Black "leaders" of the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, whose stock in trade is divisiveness.

One can only wonder on this day what Martin Luther King would think of the America of 2008. No doubt there would be much that would please him but I have to wonder if he'd think we are really any closer to the Promised Land he'd once seen all those years ago.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Left-Wing Talk Radio - The REAL Hate Radio

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You may not know who Randi Rhodes is and there's a reason for that. Rhodes has a show on Air America, the Left-wing radio network that has had more reorganizations than it does listeners. Sweet Randi has a habit of saying and doing things that are ... well, slightly unfortunate. The video seen above was taken at an Air America benefit appearance in San Francisco and if potty language isn't your thing, don't watch it.

The Randster does what may be her idea of a stand-up comedy routine but due to the fact that many of the objects of her "comedy" are fellow liberals is now more appropriately labeled "hate speech". Her rant was so foul, laced as it was with four letter words and vicious slanders it actually got her suspended by Air America, showing an prudish streak, hitherto barely suspected.

Among her witticisms were calling Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro f..king wh.res. She also had nice things to say about such diverse individuals as Dick Cheney, "Dina McGreevey", wife of disgraced former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey and disgraced former Governor Elliot Spitzer. This isn't the first time Rhodes has shared her unique sense of fun with the public. Once she aired a fake commercial stating that Mitt Romney supporters planned to go on a murder spree if John McCain won the Republican nomination. Another time she compared the government's Hurricane Katrina evacuation of New Orleans to the Holocaust with (naturally) George W. Bush in the role of Hitler.

But this kind of gutter banter is heard frequently on "progressive" talk radio. Left-wing talker Mike Malloy has called for physical torture of the "Bush crime family" if they refuse to "tell the truth" (i.e. agree with him). Liberal talker Mike Webb has called for the execution of GWB for (you guessed it) "war crimes".

These kind of violent fantasies are apparently standard fare today wherever "progressives" hunker down together. Arianna Huffington has had to close down comments numerous times when reporting stories about Dick Cheney, GWB, the death of Jerry Falwell and on and on. Change the names in the Daily Kos and you might think you're reading some historical material from Nazi-era Germany. While the msm frequently bemoans the "hate speech" of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity (must have been shows I missed) liberal radio and blogs are where all the hottest hate-action can really be found.

Hey, maybe this is where Jeremiah Wright gets some of his material...

Islam In Decline?

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Via Pajamas Media

After the recent story about Islam overtaking Catholicism as the world's largest religion, this story, Muslims Leaving Islam in Droves comes as an encouraging surprise. Apparently prominent Muslim journalist Magdi Allam's conversion to Catholicism (highlighted by his very public baptism by Pope Benedict) is not an aberration, but a trend.

Interviewed by al-Jazeera in 2006, Ahmad al Qataani, leader of the Companions Lighthouse for the Science of Islamic Law in Libya, explains the decline:

Islam used to represent … Africa’s main religion and there were 30 African languages that used to be written in Arabic script. The number of Muslims in Africa has diminished to 316 million, half of whom are Arabs in North Africa. So in the section of Africa that we are talking about, the non-Arab section, the number of Muslims does not exceed 150 million people. When we realize that the entire population of Africa is one billion people, we see that the number of Muslims has diminished greatly from what it was in the beginning of the last century.

On the other hand, the number of Catholics has increased from one million in 1902 to 329 million 882 thousand (329,882,000). Let us round off that number to 330 million in the year 2000.

As to how that happened, well there are now 1.5 million churches whose congregations account for 46 million people. In every hour, 667 Muslims convert to Christianity. Everyday, 16,000 Muslims convert to Christianity. Every year, 6 million Muslims convert to Christianity. These numbers are very large indeed.

Watching the horrors that seem to flourish wherever Islam takes root it has always struck me as unfathomable why so many remain faithful to it, let alone why others would convert. Allam's comments are much more in line with the kind of reaction a rational mind would have. He says he,

“has been freed from the obscurantism of an ideology that legitimizes lies and deception, violent death that leads to homicide and suicide, blind submission to tyranny, permitting me to join the authentic religion of Truth, Life, and Liberty. … I realize what I am going up against but I will confront my fate with my head high, with my back straight, and the interior strength of one who is certain about his faith.”

Africa is not the only place experiencing this phenomenon:

In Iran as many as 1 million people have surreptitiously converted to Evangelical Christianity in the last five years.

Some additional reasons for this:

One Iranian religious scholar believes youth are abandoning Islam because it is identified with the corrupt Iranian government.

Iran being Iran and Islam being Islam of course this is cannot be allowed so,
Now the Iranian Majlis (parliament) is debating the death penalty for conversion.
But there is reason to hope that this won't be enough. So while it seems that much of the West is too weak and morally bankrupt to present a coherent ideological defense to radical Islam, the seeds of the opposition might actually reside within Islam itself.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ted Turner: Idiot Savant

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You know that old guy who sometimes grabs hold of you on some long line in the store? You know the one; his pants are usually about two sizes too small, and there are numerous patches of fuzz on his face that he missed when shaving. You're not much in the mood to talk but he just can't wait to share his opinions about the world with you. Those opinions are, of course uniformly ill-informed and cranky but he shares them as if they hold the wisdom of Solomon. He's loud and there's an odd smell about him. He usually tells you his age somewhere in his seemingly never-ending rant. You just pray that the line would move faster so you can be rid of him. Add a billion dollars and you've got Ted Turner.

Ted Turner must be smart. He took a moderate sized billboard business and turned it into a media empire. Your average idiot can't do this. But when you start to hear Turner's opinions on virtually any subject other than something business related you begin to realize that something isn't right here. You see Ted Turner isn't your average idiot at all; Ted Turner is an idiot savant.

In the video above he predicts that in thirty or forty years time there will be a man-man environmental

"catastrophe" and that "most of the people will have died and the
rest of us will be cannibals...".

On the subject of the insurgents in Iraq, you know the ones who are killing thousands, including women and children, Turner calls them "patriots". This is the kind of drek you get from that old man in line. And it isn't like this is the first time Turner has said something stupid. He has a lifetime of soundbites that, if you didn't know better you'd assume must have come from someone in the mid-stage of some slide into dementia.

Here's just a sample of Ted's greatest hits:

  • He's called Christians who observe Ash Wednesday, "Jesus Freaks"

  • He's called Christianity a "religion for losers"

  • Those who oppose abortion, he's labeled "bozos"

  • He has said that his $1 billion donation to the United Nations was "an investment in the future of humanity"

  • He once remarked, "A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal"

  • He once made a "joke" about the Pope asking if anyone ever saw a "Polish minesweeper" then bent his leg at the knee for the punch line.

In addition to these inane howlers he's also made a number of really stupid non-business decisions, the most notable being his marriage to that moral monster, actr-ivist Jane Fonda, she of the traitorous actions during the Vietnam War. And just to show how really complex he is has managed to combine an OK business idea (a kids cartoon) with an embarrassing concept (an environmental superhero who saves the Earth from the environmental catastrophe du jour).

For his "outspoken" nature he has gained the nickname in the msm as the "Mouth of the South". This is the kind of moniker the msm gives to people they like even though they believe that in fact they're nuts. At Because I'm Right we don't really like Ted Turner so see no need to use a cute nicknames. We can be honest here and call Ted Turner what he really is; an idiot savant.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More Child Abuse From The Religion Of Peace

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Child: You are impure, Bush, so you are not allowed inside the White House.

Bush: What are you saying?! Why am I not allowed into the White House?

Child: Because it has been turned into a great mosque for the nation of Islam. I will kill you just like Mu'az killed Abu Lahab. I will kill you, Bush, because that is your fate.

Child stabs Bush repeatedly

Child: Ahhh, I killed him.

Once again, the Religion Of Peace has provided another example of what they consider to be the proper method of raising children. The above video is from a children's puppet show that aired 3/30/08 on Hamas' Al-Aqsa TV. This, of course isn't the first time the Palestinian terrorist group has entertained the little scamps in this manner. You probably all remember Farfur, the Mickey Mouse-like character who was martyred on Al-Aqsa's Pioneers of Tomorrow last year:

Oh how the kiddies loved that.

Of course child-rearing isn't just for TV shows. Hamas suggests you incorporate moral lessons in your everyday life. For instance in the picture below you can see how to let the kids play dress-up as suicide bombers!

Or how about when Dad goes out with his friends? He can turn a fun day out with the guys at the Death To America rally into a real learning experience! What a great time to show little Mohammad how adults should act!
And how about Mom creating some memories while teaching some wholesome lessons? Just think about the memories that will be created with a bonding experience like the one below?

You know, once upon a time I thought Barney was disturbing child entertainment. Not so much any more.

Bush, The Movie!

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It looks like the Oliver Stone movie biography of George W. Bush, "W" is progressing along the lines one might expect. According to ABC News which got a copy of an early version of the script the movie presents a "humanistic portrait of the president". No, really. They actually said that.

The film seems to bear a number of similarities to another film based on another Republican President, CBS' The Reagan's which documented such well known episodes in President Ronald Reagan's life as his conversation with wife Nancy in which he said, referring to homosexuals suffering from AIDS, "They that live in sin shall die in sin." (Well, actually he never said that but CBS apparently thought he would have if only...if...he...had(?) Well, you know what they meant.) That film, by the way proved so controversial due to a host of falsified scenes like that one that CBS wound up airing it on their pay cable channel, Showtime.

"W" stars Josh Brolin, the son actor James Brolin who played Reagan in The Reagan's. Brolin, by the way is married to Democratic activist/actress, the legendary Barbra Streisand, who in 2006 included as part of her concert performances, a skit using a Bush impersonator making the President look foolish. As another aside Brolin, pere gained some recent notoriety by saying on a local New Haven, CT radio show, "Happy 9/11" and "Celebrate the day, right?"

This films seems to have the same sort of interest in historical accuracy as the Reagan film as it contains scenes such as the following:

One explosive scene in the movie features press secretary Ari
Fleischer complaining to Bush about longtime reporter Helen Thomas who questioned the run-up to the war in Iraq.

Bush explodes in a
profanity-laced outburst , "Did you tell her I don't like motherf-who gas their own people! Did you tell her I don't like a-- holes who try to kill my father! Did you tell her I'm going to kick his & a-- all over the Middle East?"

Fleischer says it never happened.

Stone's interest in accuracy can perhaps best be seen in his other biopic of a Republican president, the 1996 "Nixon" which Mike LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle said,

The real Nixon looks and sounds like another Jack Kennedy next to
the version presented in ``Nixon,'' Oliver Stone's overblown biographical epic on the life and career of our 37th president. In the title role, Hopkins sweats and twitches, walks like an ape, hunches his shoulders and looks like a man on the edge of a breakdown.

The ridiculous thing is that this is Stone's image not just of the private Nixon but of the public Nixon, too. The Nixon who could
be a cool customer, who could slam home a stump speech, who could deal as an equal with guys like Brezhnev, is nowhere to be found.

Instead you get the pathetic Nixon as described by Woodward and Bernstein in ``The Final Days.'' So we see him looking paranoid and speaking haltingly, for example, as he delivers
his acceptance speech at the 1968 Republican convention -- a speech that the real Nixon thundered out forcefully.

"W" is expected to be released sometime in 2009. Get your tickets early.

Oh Yeah, I Almost Forgot: I'm Still Not Voting for Him

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What with the Hillary/Obama race looking more and more like an episode of Celebrity Deathmatch (you know, that MTV show where two claymation celebrities literally rip each other to shreds) and sucking all the air out of the room, it is easy to forget that John McCain is still hanging around. I doubt he minds the lack of attention all that much as the less Americans see of him the better they seem to like him.

I was sort of enjoying not thinking about him all that much when I came across this column by Star Parker on the good Senator. *Sigh* I wish I'd just skipped it and gone on my way but Parker reminded me of the fact that this is what it is like when McCain is being McCain:

You spoke in Los Angeles the other day about our country and its place in the world. You talked about political, economic and military strength, and international citizenship.

I strained to hear you mention our moral uniqueness -- our being that "city on a hill." But I heard not a hint.

President Nixon once observed that Americans often make the mistake of thinking that conflict in the world is the result of misunderstanding rather than difference of belief.

Because you seem not to appreciate that our beliefs make us different, you suggest more talk. You propose more international compacts and organizations, as if we don't have enough.

What exactly are the values we would share with others in your concept for a League of Democracies? The European Union countries can't even agree on a common constitution.

You know, sometimes in moments of weakness I think, "Maybe, just maybe I'll vote for...". And then I'll be reminded of exactly what this guy is like and I know that, "Nope, I'm still not voting for him."

Monday, March 31, 2008

Inspiration for D Students Everywhere

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Former Vice President, Nobel Prize winner, secular saint and Natural Science D-student Al Gore is continuing his global warming crusade with a new $300 million ad campaign. According to this story

The Alliance for Climate Protection's "we" campaign will employ
online organizing and television advertisements on shows ranging from "
American Idol" to "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart."

Part of the above stated cost of this extravaganza is to be funded by Gore, although how much he will not say. This silence is not unusual for Mr. Gore, however as it is reminiscent of his refusal to answer any direct questions by scientists who doubt many of the particulars of global warming although, to be fair to Mr. Gore, this may have something to do with the fact that he refuses to acknowledge that any actual scientists with such questions exist. As the erudite Mr. Gore would probably tell you, you can't answer questions from people who don't exist.

Despite increasing evidence against the accuracy of his crusade such as this, this and this Gore refuses to acknowledge any possibility that he may be wrong or to address any evidence which might cause a scientist to reconsider his conclusions. But once again, to be fair to Mr. Gore a D-student in college Natural Science would be very likely not to consider such evidence.

Demography Is Destiny?

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According to Monsignor Vittorio Formenti of the Vatican,

"For the first time in history we are no longer at the top: the Muslims have overtaken us."

Formenti, who compiled the Vatican's 2008 statistical yearbook put the current world percentage of Catholics at 17.4% and Muslims at 19.2%. If, however you add all Christian religions together you find that Christians still account for 33% of the world population. Then again if current trends hold, according to this projection Muslims will outnumber Christians of all denominations by the year 2200.

The question here really isn't so much which religion is growing fastest; in and of itself this wouldn't be all that significant. What makes it significant is that,

  1. much of this growth is occurring in the immigrant Muslim populations in European nations, nations which are ostensibly our allies and

  2. these Muslims are not being assimilated into these nations.

Even beyond their not being assimilated many of them are actually being radicalized, the worst in their culture being promoted. For a detailed explanation of the degree of this problem I'd refer you to Londonistan by Melanie Phillips.

In the previous paradigm of the melting pot, in which immigrants came to a host nation and "melted" into its culture, contributing some things to their new home but adapting themselves into the majority culture, the growing problem would not be as acute as it is under multiculturalism which is the new model for dealing with immigration. If Muslims were under societal pressure to moderate their more radical elements it might even help create a greater pressure to bring about a much needed Muslim reformation. According to the rules of multiculturalism it is something akin to a hate-crime to question Muslims about what is being done in the name of their religion. The mainstream media is complicit in assisting Islam in not addressing its own deficits. For example, TV frequently portrays Americans as committing hate crimes against them, making them victims. In reality these selfsame Hollywood productions are almost the only place you will see such things happening. Considering the level of worldwide radical Muslim violence, Western restraint, not its giving in to hate is what is really remarkable and admirable.

The growth of Islam as a percentage of the entire human population will be a growing problem as long the West is so uncertain of its own worth that it can't make a case for its own values. What is truly remarkable is that the West is so unsure of itself in comparison to a culture that refuses to grant women the same rights as men, views anybody who isn't Muslim as second class (at best) etc. By not confronting Islam's faults, allowing millions of Muslims to immigrate while retaining their own culture and not assimilating, the citizens of the West will eventually find themselves minorities in their own countries. And if this should happen the likely demography of the future is destined to bring about the end of freedom as we now know it.