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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ted Turner: Idiot Savant

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You know that old guy who sometimes grabs hold of you on some long line in the store? You know the one; his pants are usually about two sizes too small, and there are numerous patches of fuzz on his face that he missed when shaving. You're not much in the mood to talk but he just can't wait to share his opinions about the world with you. Those opinions are, of course uniformly ill-informed and cranky but he shares them as if they hold the wisdom of Solomon. He's loud and there's an odd smell about him. He usually tells you his age somewhere in his seemingly never-ending rant. You just pray that the line would move faster so you can be rid of him. Add a billion dollars and you've got Ted Turner.

Ted Turner must be smart. He took a moderate sized billboard business and turned it into a media empire. Your average idiot can't do this. But when you start to hear Turner's opinions on virtually any subject other than something business related you begin to realize that something isn't right here. You see Ted Turner isn't your average idiot at all; Ted Turner is an idiot savant.

In the video above he predicts that in thirty or forty years time there will be a man-man environmental

"catastrophe" and that "most of the people will have died and the
rest of us will be cannibals...".

On the subject of the insurgents in Iraq, you know the ones who are killing thousands, including women and children, Turner calls them "patriots". This is the kind of drek you get from that old man in line. And it isn't like this is the first time Turner has said something stupid. He has a lifetime of soundbites that, if you didn't know better you'd assume must have come from someone in the mid-stage of some slide into dementia.

Here's just a sample of Ted's greatest hits:

  • He's called Christians who observe Ash Wednesday, "Jesus Freaks"

  • He's called Christianity a "religion for losers"

  • Those who oppose abortion, he's labeled "bozos"

  • He has said that his $1 billion donation to the United Nations was "an investment in the future of humanity"

  • He once remarked, "A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal"

  • He once made a "joke" about the Pope asking if anyone ever saw a "Polish minesweeper" then bent his leg at the knee for the punch line.

In addition to these inane howlers he's also made a number of really stupid non-business decisions, the most notable being his marriage to that moral monster, actr-ivist Jane Fonda, she of the traitorous actions during the Vietnam War. And just to show how really complex he is has managed to combine an OK business idea (a kids cartoon) with an embarrassing concept (an environmental superhero who saves the Earth from the environmental catastrophe du jour).

For his "outspoken" nature he has gained the nickname in the msm as the "Mouth of the South". This is the kind of moniker the msm gives to people they like even though they believe that in fact they're nuts. At Because I'm Right we don't really like Ted Turner so see no need to use a cute nicknames. We can be honest here and call Ted Turner what he really is; an idiot savant.

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