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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Left-Wing Talk Radio - The REAL Hate Radio

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You may not know who Randi Rhodes is and there's a reason for that. Rhodes has a show on Air America, the Left-wing radio network that has had more reorganizations than it does listeners. Sweet Randi has a habit of saying and doing things that are ... well, slightly unfortunate. The video seen above was taken at an Air America benefit appearance in San Francisco and if potty language isn't your thing, don't watch it.

The Randster does what may be her idea of a stand-up comedy routine but due to the fact that many of the objects of her "comedy" are fellow liberals is now more appropriately labeled "hate speech". Her rant was so foul, laced as it was with four letter words and vicious slanders it actually got her suspended by Air America, showing an prudish streak, hitherto barely suspected.

Among her witticisms were calling Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro f..king wh.res. She also had nice things to say about such diverse individuals as Dick Cheney, "Dina McGreevey", wife of disgraced former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey and disgraced former Governor Elliot Spitzer. This isn't the first time Rhodes has shared her unique sense of fun with the public. Once she aired a fake commercial stating that Mitt Romney supporters planned to go on a murder spree if John McCain won the Republican nomination. Another time she compared the government's Hurricane Katrina evacuation of New Orleans to the Holocaust with (naturally) George W. Bush in the role of Hitler.

But this kind of gutter banter is heard frequently on "progressive" talk radio. Left-wing talker Mike Malloy has called for physical torture of the "Bush crime family" if they refuse to "tell the truth" (i.e. agree with him). Liberal talker Mike Webb has called for the execution of GWB for (you guessed it) "war crimes".

These kind of violent fantasies are apparently standard fare today wherever "progressives" hunker down together. Arianna Huffington has had to close down comments numerous times when reporting stories about Dick Cheney, GWB, the death of Jerry Falwell and on and on. Change the names in the Daily Kos and you might think you're reading some historical material from Nazi-era Germany. While the msm frequently bemoans the "hate speech" of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity (must have been shows I missed) liberal radio and blogs are where all the hottest hate-action can really be found.

Hey, maybe this is where Jeremiah Wright gets some of his material...

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