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Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Funny Bit From Saturday Night Live Or A Frightening Look At The Future? You Decide

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SNL, which has had more than its share of bad seasons has, of late, been getting itself some good buzz with its bits on the Clinton/Obama race. Their recent jabs at the media's fawning over Obama led to an appearance by Hillary that has generally acknowledged to have been helpul to her and helped her improve her image just in time for last week's Super Tuesday II wins.

Knowing when they're on to a good thing, they've kept it up with the skit, above. While humourously giving Hillary more credit than she deserves they hit Obama in a way that he won't see as being quite so funny as they latch onto a real and growing concern about him; his shallowness and lack of experience.

Nobody is laughing with Barack here, they're laughing at him...the very last thing a politician wants.

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