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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Flipping The Pages

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The Strange Charm Of The Obama Campaign

I have to admit something odd: I find something charming about Barack Obama's campaign. No, really. I mean all this talk about "hope" and "change" coupled with Obama's utter lack anything even resembling any real qualifications reminds me of a kid playing make-believe. He manages to strike the right stances and does a pretty good impersonation of the real thing but then, all of a sudden you realize it is time to call in the adults. His talk about invading Pakistan a while back was one instance. Senior foreign policy advisor, Susan Rice's admission on Tucker Carlson's show the other day that neither Barack nor Hillary are ready for the 3AM crisis that Hillary says she's prepared for was another such moment. Rice was, of course telling the truth while Hillary was not but the fact that she thought that she could do so and not have anybody with a brain counter with, "Well maybe he shouldn't be running for President, then" is just another example why Obama and team are not ready for prime-time.

There's A New Clinton In Town

Something very strange and troubling is happening lately. I take a backseat to no one in my distrust and dislike of Hillary Clinton. Her cackle, her shrill perorations, her lies. I. Can't. Stand. Them. But....some of her recent appearances have almost been palatable. I actually think she was kinda funny on Saturday Night Live last week. I think her appearance there, in conjunction with Obama's problems, was one of the reasons Super Tuesday II turned out so well for her. She's had a few other moments, too; the debate performance where she kiddingly said she was "hurt" comes most readily to mind. Hillary has spent the better part of two decades trying not to be incredibly, monstrously, creepily unpleasant with no luck. All of a sudden, however there seem to be flashes of almost-convincing humanity. If it keeps up some people (I mean beyond those who've already sipped the Cool Aid) might begin to believe it. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Killers And The Millionaires Who Love Them

The current, growing crisis in South America between Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and his neighbors has come as no surprise to those of us who know that if you swagger like a dictator, scream your hatred of the US from the UN General Assembly, nationalize major industries, chum it up with such swell guys as Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad etc. you're probably not a nice guy. The fact that just-found documents show that, despite denials, he has been supporting the FARC, Colombian terrorist guerrillas is just par for the course for this sort of thug. Depending on how far he is willing to push the current situation, he may yet launch a war in the region.

As we watch the crisis unfold we shouldn't forget the useful idiots who have befriended Chavez, frequently standing by and extolling his many "virtues" while badmouthing the US and George W. Bush to the dictator's enormous enjoyment. In the future when we see celebrities lining up to praise some politician or other let us remember the good judgment celebrities frequently display; celebrities such as Danny Glover, above and others who have made the pilgrimage to the great man, including; supermodel Naomi Campbell, Academy Award winning actor Kevin Spacey and incoherent Academy Award winning actor and "serious" man, Sean Penn.

The press has reported the Venezuelan visits of these know-nothings with regularity. Now that the real nature of Chavez has been revealed I guess we're all just waiting for the press to ask them some pretty tough questions about their South American buddy. Well, maybe not.

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