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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Brief Thoughts On Another Long Night

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  • At this hour 8:40 PM EST Obama has already taken Vermont (no big surprise) and the initial numbers are looking good for him in Texas with Ohio looking good for Hillary (way too early to call either) there don't seem to be any surprises yet. If, as appears likely Hillary was able to firm up her support over the last few days, due in large part to Obama's numerous stumbles it is very likely the Dem contest could go all the way to the convention; Obama having more delegates going in but Hillary having evil on her side. LOL This one could remain a mystery for quite some time to come.

Update: 9:10 PM EST

  • Those aforementioned Obama gaffes highlight how media bias can sometimes blow up in the media's face and in the face of their infatuation; you treat a normal person like the Second Coming and, fawning coverage or not, reality is eventually going to come knocking. Obama, bright fellow that he is, just isn't very experienced and suave will only carry you so far. When things go wrong no amount of charm can cover the fact that the suit remains empty.

  • Apparently John McCain has now surpassed the 1,191 delegates needed to secure the Republican nomination. Where are the cheers? I'm not hearing cheers.

Update: 9:20 PM EST

  • It took Harold Stassen a number of elections to become that-ridiculous-guy-who-doesn't-know-when-to-quit but Mike Huckabee's in-the-nick-of-time decision to call it quits tonight has saved him from becoming the new Harold Stassen, in just this one election cycle. Congratulations to The Huck for not quite becoming Harold Stassen. Impressive.

Update: 9:50 PM EST

  • Hillary won Rhode Island. Anybody have anything interesting or clever to say about this? Yeah. Me neither.

  • Rush Limbaugh's call for Republican's to go out and vote for Hillary probably contributed to Hillary's probably having a ok night tonight. Not really having any dog in this fight his reasoning is that the longer Obama and Clinton remain at each other's throats the better. But Rush is in the same predicament many of us are in here: sure its great that the two Dems are damaging each other but considering that it will probably benefit John McCain, it is hard to get all that excited. Whatever else politics is and can be it is often fun. Not so much this year.

Update: 9:15 PM EST

  • For all the huffing and puffing about the possible results of this evening's voting it looks like the night will end with things looking pretty much the same as yesterday. Hill and Barack are still nipping away at each other and McCain is still going to be the Republican nominee. And so it goes...
  • Good night!


PrivatePigg said...

Any Hillary still has evil on her side. Ha!

Nocomme1 said...

NEVER discount the power of evil. LOL