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Monday, April 7, 2008

All He Needs Is Love

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According to this story, it would appear that London Mayor Ken Livingstone has more on than merely making London safe for Islamofascists, Bush-bashing, corruption and Hugo Chavez. Besides all these other activities Livingstone somehow found time to have romantic relationships with three women at the same time, impregnating two of them within weeks of each other.

As further details of Mr Livingstone's tangled love life began to emerge, one of the mothers of his five children was yesterday named as Janet Woolf, a teacher who lives only a few streets away from his north London home.

Ms Woolf, 58, is reported to have had a relationship with Mr Livingstone during the early 1990s, when he was Labour MP for Brent East and she was a local Labour Party activist. ...

She gave birth to Mr Livingstone's son, who is now 15, at the Royal Free Hospital in north west London, in November 1992.

Another of Mr Livingstone's lovers had given birth to his daughter at the same hospital two months earlier, just over two years after she gave birth to his first daughter.

All this time the maverick politician was in a long-term relationship with Kate Allen, the UK director of Amnesty International, with whom he lived for nearly 20 years, between 1982 and 2001. Mr Livingstone
subsequently took up with his office manager Emma Beal.

The mayor is up for election next month in what is reported to be a hotly contestes race against Tory candidate, Boris Johnson. If only all Mr. Livingstone's children were of voting age, he'd be a shoe-in.

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