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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Goodbye, Norma Jean

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According to The Politico, at a Radio City rally for Hillary, Sir Elton John had this to say,

"I never cease to be amazed at the misogynist attitude of some of the people in this country," "I say to hell with them."

Hey, at least its not "God Damn America".


Aurora said...

NoComme1, short and sweet. Elton John here illustrates just how alike the Left really are in their human hatred (as you point out).
Nice blog. I'm blogrolling you.

Nocomme1 said...


The Left need a new playbook. Listening to them I feel like the writer's strike is still going on and every time I turn on the TV I get nothing but reruns.

And it is thrill to be on a conservative Aussie blogroll!

And, needless to say, you're blogrolled right back.

Aurora said...

Nocomme1, yes we are a conservative Aussie blog, but I'm half American so we do lots of American stuff, plus we have two ex-pat Brits, an American and two Aussies posting so we get quite a mix.

Nocomme1 said...

That's what makes you guys interesting and different. You may wind up being the last redoubt of Western Civiilization. LOL I laugh but inside I'm just a little scared I may be right.