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Friday, April 18, 2008

Hating The Pope - Bill Maher's Audience

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When Bill Maher launched into his now infamous verbal assault on the Pope the other day you might have wondered where such hate-filled rhetoric would be greeted favorably. The answer can be found by consulting the left-wing media (From the Huffington Post):

JohnFromCensornati See Profile I'm a Fan of JohnFromCensornati
I love it!
The Nazi pope tells us that our nation's promise fell short for blacks and Indians!
It fell kinda short for the boys the catholic church raped, too.

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 03:43 PM on 04/17/2008
brainlego See Profile I'm a Fan of brainlego
and women, and gays, and some science (holes in condoms)

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 03:58 PM on 04/17/2008
thatsitfortheotherone See Profile I'm a Fan of thatsitfortheotherone

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 03:54 PM on 04/17/2008
underdog See Profile I'm a Fan of underdog
The pied Poper
did scuffle on by
through throngs of needy believers
attracted to lies

Or from The Guardian:
I hate the Pope. Wholeheartedly, gut-wrenchingly hate him. I hate him for sitting around in his white frock, luxuriating in the infinite wealth of the Vatican while casually denying condoms to the dying of Africa. I hate him for condemning the poorest of women to early death by childbirth. And I pretty much hate, by extension, the Roman Catholics whose devotion permits his tyranny to thrive.
While we're at it, I hate the people in the sinister church at the end of my street...

Or from the
Both Joseph Ratzinger and the Islamists calling for his decapitation believe they have direct access to an invisible supernatural being called "God". Both believe this God wills them to make decisions that have led to the horrific deaths of tens of thousands of people. Both believe this God finds secular democratic Europe disgusting, an atheistic bog dominated by a "culture of death." Both hate feminism and gay rights and sexual freedom. Both believe they are infallible, and that the billions who refuse to follow them are incurring the wrath of the Creator of the Universe. The only real difference is the name they give to this creature, and a few added textual tweaks on either side.

The tragedy is that when there are so many good reasons to hate Joseph Ratzinger...

The ideology that says that that every culture must be "honored" and respected, that no culture is better than any other has found a culture it can hate, that it can mock, that it can revile. It is the culture of Christianity, of Catholicism. The Left really has no choice but to hate the Pope. He speaks of the importance of truth and the evils of relativism. His faith is a challenge to them. And when challenged their reaction is to hate. It is their nature. They can't help themselves.

Say hello to Bill Maher's audience.

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