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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stop Jimmy Carter

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Ahmed Yousuf
by krs601
"We hope that Mr. Carter's visit will help to change the climate and push the world community to engage with Hamas," Ahmed Yousuf, Hamas' top political adviser in the Gaza Strip, said In an interview with Aaron Klein, Jerusalem bureau chief for and author of 'Schmoozing with Terrorists'.

In a previous post we pointed out how Jimmy Carter's meeting with leaders of the terrorist organization Hamas was just the latest example of both his famously bad judgement and his anti-semitism. The enthusiasm expressed by the Hamas official above should prove the point for anyone who might have doubted. Though advised not to go by the administration and even members of his own party, Carter, whose ego is apparently as large as is incompetence is giving aid and lending credibility to Israel's and America's enemies. At the very least he should be prevented from indulging in his mad desire for personal diplomacy. Enough is enough.


Aurora said...

Nocomme1, Carter shows the sadly characteristic, treasonous thinking on the Left that if we self-hate enough, if we grovel enough, our enemies will love us. Well, your enemies may respond favorably, Carter, but it's only because they want to encourage the destruction and humiliation of a once-great nation. After this, they can take over for themselves. Sadly I don't think this matters to Leftists like Carter.

Nocomme1 said...


I think Carter may finally have pushed his luck too far. Even the msm is starting to turn and the Dems in Congress (most of whom probably really think that everything he does is swell) are sensing the change in mood and moving away from him too, for their own political good.

It has come decades later than it should but Carter might actually be on the verge of being seen as the pariah he should have been long ago.