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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Britain: The Bad News Then The Good

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Hat tip to Mark Steyn

Christian Britain is fading into history:
From The Church of England Newspaper:

If recent reports of trends in religious observance prove to be correct, then in some 30 years the mosque will be able to claim that, religiously speaking, the UK is an Islamic nation, and therefore needs a share in any religious establishment to reflect this....

At all levels of national life Islam has gained state funding, protection from any criticism, and the insertion of advisors and experts in government departs national and local. A Muslim Home Office adviser, for example, was responsible for Baroness Scotland’s aborting of the legislation against honour killings, arguing that informal methods would be better. In the police we hear of girls under police protection having the addresses of their safe houses disclosed to their parents by Muslim officers who think they are doing their religious duty.

While men-only gentlemen’s clubs are now being dubbed unlawful, we hear of municipal swimming baths encouraging ‘Muslim women only’ sessions and in Dewsbury Hospitals staff waste time by turning beds to face Mecca five times a day — a Monty Pythonesque scenario of lunacy, but astonishingly true...

The point is that Islam is being institutionalised, incarnated, into national structures amazingly fast, at the same time as demography is showing very high birthrates...

Today the Christian story is fading from public imagination, while Islam grows apace.

But do not despair; the red squirrels will remain to carry the standard high:

MINISTERS are planning to build a £100,000 wildlife bridge over a new road to protect Scotland's dwindling red squirrel population.

The 375ft Kingcausie Wildlife Overbridge will span a section of the new Aberdeen bypass, near the ancient Cleanill Wood.

It will allow squirrels and other wildlife to safely scamper above the road.

Environment minister Mike Russell has approved the bridge building as part of the £390million road scheme.

There are around 120,000 red squirrels in Scotland.

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