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Monday, May 19, 2008

Obama To Critics: You're Low Class

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Barack Obama continues apace with his delineation of the topics (all) on which it is illegitimate to criticize him and now adds his wife, the lovely Michelle and all her utterances, attacks, insults and comments of any and all kinds as also being off-limits for discussion. Fine-tuning his message he now identifies critics as "low-class". Some believe that this identification is part of what will soon be seen as a sort of Unified Field Theory of illegitimate criticism which will encompass all Republicans, bitter people, religious people and soon-to-be-named other people.

In a related story Obama also has pointed out the illegitimacy of Americans driving SUVs, consumption of large amounts of food and keeping their homes warm without first getting approval of "other countries". Although as yet unstated, it is believed that not seeking such approval is also "low class".

Senator Obama is continuing to make it clear that he is anxious to achieve the Presidency where he hopes to change the idea of freedom completely. More to come...

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Debbie said...

I'm one of those low-class Tennessee residents I suppose. According to Obama, everything is off-limits, he's the Messiah, how dare we question him.

Right ....

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Anonymous said...

I live in North Carolina,so I guess that makes me one of those low-class rednecks Obama doesn't like. Give it a rest,Barack. As long as Michelle is your wife and keeps running down our great nation with her mouth,that makes her fair game. And there is still a First Amendment to the Constitution that gives me and millions of other Americans the right to disagree with your socialism.