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Friday, May 23, 2008

Oops: Maxine Waters Tells The Truth

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Every once in awhile a liberal slips and tells the truth. Obama did it with his now infamous “bitter” people comments and now Maxine Waters lets the whole world get a peek into her real “social…”(c’mon Maxine, you can say it: socialist) agenda.

There really is no more surreal experience than watching a roomful of Washington pork-barrel-ers and spendthrifts, who profit more from the sale of a gallon of gas than do the oil companies who actually do everything necessary to get it out of the ground and get it to market, calling those oil companies greedy profiteers.

If the Maxine Waters’ of the world were really interested in doing something about oil prices and making us more energy independent they might try allowing more drilling for oil in the US and might be pushing for more nuclear power. She and her committee are frauds. It just remains to be seen how much longer it will take before the public begins to see through the charade.

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