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Friday, May 16, 2008

Story Jam: Osama Video, The Dark Knight, Margaret Thatcher, John Conyers And Keith Olbermann - Something For Everyone!

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Expected to be more popular and only slightly less comprehensible than George Clooney's latest film OBL is expected to release a new video in the next 72 hours or so. It is to be titled "The Causes of Conflict on the 60th Anniversary of the Establishment of the State of Israeli Occupation," I don't usually like to give away the endings to movies but I'm going to make an exception here: The causes of conflict? Yeah, that'll be us. Sorry for blowing it for you.


Hillsdale College unveiled the first US statue of Lady Margaret Thatcher last weekend. Sadly, Lady Thatcher was too ill to attend the unveiling.

Sculpted by Bruce Wolfe, the statue is over six feet in height and depicts Thatcher sitting in a pensive posture. A plaque on its base includes a quote from a 1990 Thatcher speech:

"The new world of freedom into which the dazzled Socialists have stumbled is not new to us. What to them is uncharted territory is to us familiar and well loved ground. For Britain has returned to those basic truths and principles which made her great—personal liberty, private property and the rule of law, on which democratic freedoms everywhere are based. Ours is a creed which travels and endures. Its truths are written in the human heart."

Excellent. Where are today's Thatcher's, anyway?


Just a few minutes ago I saw the first Batman, The Dark Knight trailer on TV. Dark Knight looks to be seriously cool.


I think I just may have found Barack Obama's running mate...


While John McCain is running around the country dissing Republicans and kvelling at the idea of "reaching across the aisle" to sing Kumbaya with Dems, House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers was heard saying:

“We’re closing in on Rove. Someone’s got to kick his ass.”

Conyers said the committee wants Rove to testify about his role in the imprisonment of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman, among other things.

“We want him for so many things, it’s hard to keep track,” Conyers said.

Good luck with the reaching, Senator McCain.

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Aurora said...

McCain is reaching out like a moonbat and they're slapping him away like an irritating mosquito. How on earth did the GOP degenerate to this?
Well I know how but the question demands to be asked anyway.