Kidnapped by Japan - How A Mother's Dying Wish Led To A Father's Unimaginable Loss

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Magnificent Rebuttal To

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This short, simple homemade video is unpretentious yet very effective in rebutting's recent deeply dishonest video (below) which suggest that years from now John McCain's policies would be conscripting young men to fight in Iraq.

Of course McCain said that he would only leave troops in Iraq long-term if they were still there in the same way Americans are still in Japan. And, of course there is no draft so it is hard to see how little "Alex" would be in Iraq unless he chose to be there.

It is encouraging to see how powerful Daniel and Noah's mother's honest testament is when contrasted with Alex's mother's lies. So much of the Left's campaign is based on falsehoods every bit as egregious as those in the video. Why can't the Republicans be as effective in countering them as is Daniel and Noah's mom?

Oh, and has anyone thought of filing child abuse charges against Alex's mother? Shouldn't the cynical use of one's child to perpetuate a lie be a crime?

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