Kidnapped by Japan - How A Mother's Dying Wish Led To A Father's Unimaginable Loss

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


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Last night I had written a brilliant analysis of the current James Dobson/Obama dustup. In it I forensically took apart Obama's misunderstanding of both the Bible and the Constitution as it relates to the speech that is at the center of the controversy. When I'd finished, the Obamessiah's ignorance and confusion was exposed for all the world to see. The post was award-worthy. You would have laughed. You would have cried. You would have gotten up and sung the Star Spangled Banner and given money to your favorite charity. You would have been proud to be an American, dammit. But you'll never see it.

Unfortunately, earlier this morning while I was tweaking the masterpiece before its expected unveiling disappeared, never to be recaptured and displayed to the waiting masses. It is now lost somewhere in the cyber-ether, its greatness to be enjoyed only by the the great God of the Internet. *Sniff*

Sadly, this means that today's posts will be unusually skimpy. Tomorrow I shall return, somewhat chastened by my loss, but ready for battle nonetheless.

Excuse me now, while I continue the grieving process.

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