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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Say Goodbye To Hollywood

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Well maybe the Iranian regime isn't all bad, after all...

But more seriously, this little piece from AFP makes a point that is heard far too infrequently: All those Leftists (in this case celebs) who are so eager to find fault with the United States and believe that the "world" hates us and seem to believe that the world would be benign but for us never seem to get the point that they are as despised by many foreign regimes as much as is George W. Bush. The Left likes to mock Bush for saying that Islamofascists hate us for "who we are", their own take on the issue being far more "sophisticated". They know that we are hated for our (specifically GWB's) policies.

These Leftists actually have it partially right. Al Qaeda hates our foreign policy alright, but they hate our domestic policies, too. The hate the fact that we actually allow "corrupt" and "decadent" celebrities like them to run around freely. The fact that Susan Sarandon is out and about without a Burqa is ultimately as offensive to their sensibilities as the fact that we are in the Middle East. George Clooney looks like as good a prospect for a beheading as Daniel Pearl did and as good a prospect as any of those "right-wing Republicans" he rails against so regularly.

If the Left thinks thinks that George ("moron", "Hitler", "fascist") is the problem and the Iranian leadership is just being reactive, here is the real difference between them: Bush is the one who (hasn't and) won't ban them, put Burqas on them, make them grow beards and chop their heads off if they don't face Mecca five times a day for prayers.

That seems pretty easy to understand. Why do they have such a problem with it?

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