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Thursday, March 20, 2008

You Gotta Believe

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Al Jazeera, the the Pan-Arabic TV network today carried parts of a new audio tape by the lately very chatty Mr. Osama bin Laden in which he called for cessation of all Palestinian peace negotiations with Israel in favor of "holy war".

Now Dems should be taken aback by this request because they really don't think Iraq is all that important to worldwide Al Qaeda. According to their own statements, Iraq is a sideline issue which is occupying our attention at the expense of the main event, bin Laden's Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Late last year Dem Senator Jay Rockefeller wished that the US would,

"...change the mission away from deep involvement in Iraq’s civil war and toward
a more narrow focus on fighting Al-Qaeda.”

Dem Senator Robert Byrd said in August of last year,

"When the President of the United States took his eye off the ball, and diverted
our national attention from Osama bin Laden and his terrorist training operation
in Afghanistan, the President dealt the security of the American people a major
The fact is Al Qaeda sees Iraq as a central front in their jihad against the West. This latest statement of bin Laden's only buttresses the increasing evidence of that fact. Last month's seized letter written by Abu-Tariqa, a local al-Qaeda leader near Bala, spoke about how badly Al Qaeda's forces are faring in Iraq currently and another recently seized letter written by an unnamed emir said, Al-Qaeda's
“Islamic State of Iraq is faced with an extraordinary crisis, especially in al-Anbar”.
Iraq's importance to Al Qaeda isn't really much of a secret any more. Except, of course to the Democratic Party.

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