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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Could Somebody Please Explain This Picture To Me?

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One of the (many) great disappointments of my life is that science fascinates me but I am far too stupid to understand it in any kind of satisfying detail. Despite that this story about "sticky nanotubes" is interesting and I can understand it...well, sort of.


jtm2005 said...

Sticky nanotubes???

Dude...I'm worried about you.

Nocomme1 said...

It caught my attention. So shoot me. LOL

Aurora said...

Sticky nanotubes, hm? Sticky nanotubes hold the key to future technologies. It's actually an interesting subject (despite the less than thrilling diagram they provide). I know a young man who has been selected to be part of a group of 35 elite AI people in a pan-European team. He's 22 and his colleague is his former professor. Some of the stuff he told us involving nanotechnology and the future is actually really scary. Stuff that borders on mind control and trying to create a pseudo-human consciousness in robots. We don't begin to know the half of it.
If you get any more info on this, it would make an interesting post.

(It was so tempting to post a bimbo comment on what that diagram means to me...think new shoes...heh)

jtm2005 said...


I suppose you are right....there is substance here and I should try and rea dit.

I guess I just read it after the Miley goes Britney article and was a little concerned...but then again this is more interesting than reading about the three stooges running for president.

Nocomme1 said...


Although the post was written humorously, it is true. My reach exceeds my grasp when it comes to science. But I do think that nano-technology holds tremendous possibilities for future technological advance, for good or for ill. I think what is needed is a strong moral and ethical compass to assist us in determining what to do with these advances. And while I think we're great with the technology I'm not so sure we're as highly advanced ethically. So yes, I agree with you there are some scary implications in nanotech.