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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This Just In From Londonistan...

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London continues to pave the way for the eventual takeover of British society by radical Muslims as can be seen in this story. Apparently...

[t]he BBC is facing a High Court challenge over its decision to censor a party political broadcast in the run-up to Thursday’s local elections.

A Christian party has begun legal action after the corporation insisted on changes to a short film in which the party voiced opposition to the building of Europe’s biggest mosque next to the site of the 2012 Olympics.

Tablighi Jamaat, the Islamic missionary group behind the £75 million Abbey Mills mosque, opposes inter-faith dialogue and preaches that non-Muslims are an evil and corrupting influence. One of its British advocates has said that it aims to rescue Muslims from the culture and civilisation of Jews and Christians by creating “such hatred for their ways as human beings have for urine and excreta”.
Acting in the way of most "urine and excreta" the BBC was immediately the Christian party and tried to change the word

...separatist” — the corporation asked for “controversial” instead — and barred the use of “moderate Muslims” because the phrase implied that Tablighi Jamaat was less than moderate.
The reaction of Islamofascists to this implicit recognition by the BBC that labelling Western Civilization as the product of excretory functions is a "moderate" point of view is unknown, but thought to be quite positive. Although not explicitly stated by any Islamic faction, this particular "excreta" believes that the objection to the word "separatist" may really be due to the fact that separation from British Society is not Tablighi Jamaat's real goal, that real goal being the defeat and destruction of British Society. It is important to be exact, you know.

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