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Friday, May 2, 2008

Medic! Medic! He's Bleeding!

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Jeremiah Wright cuts Barack Obama and he bleeds in Indiana:

Jeremiah Wright cuts Barack Obama and he bleeds in North Carolina:

Jeremiah Wright cuts Barack Obama and he bleeds from sea to shining sea:

The evidence, as seen in these Real Clear Politics charts, shows pretty conclusively that the Jeremiah Wright kerfuffle has wounded Obama and it is easy to assume that if it happened earlier in the primary season the damage might well have been fatal. But it isn't early in the season and the current lay of the land can spell nothing but trouble for the Dems.

Obama has gotten closer to a major party nomination than any Black man in history and the possibility of a Black President is so real to Black voters that they can taste it. He currently has close to 90% Black support and should Hillary Clinton get the nomination, especially if she were to get it at the convention via some sort of closed door chicanery it might anger Blacks enough to keep a large enough percentage of them away from the polls in November to sink any chance Hillary might have.

Rush Limbaugh has considered the above scenario and isn't convinced and gave a pretty compelling exegesis on his show today on why Dems might decide to stick it to Blacks and dump Obama without worrying about Black disaffections:

RUSH: Now, for those of you who are Democrat superdelegates; may I have your attention, please? As you know, I addressed your fear yesterday, and I know how you people are thinking. You're in the depths of fear over what to do now, because it's clear that you, the superdelegates, are going to decide who is your party's nominee; and in the process, you are going to be committing political murder against one of these candidates. You alone are going to decide, and it used to be six months ago you were proud to be able to do this because you were operating from the context of confidence and inevitability. It was like a slam dunk. Now you're operating from fear, and incorrect decisions are made during times of crisis and fear. And the greatest fear that you superdelegates have... I mean, you can see the trend lines here.

You know what's happening. The bloom is off the rose. The messiah, it has turned out, cannot walk on water. Mrs. Clinton's been hanging in there. She has got the testicle lockbox, and it's opening and shutting on schedule. You can see the trend lines, but you're scared to death to take this away from Obama because he leads in delegates; and you're really frightened that you are going to lose the black vote, perhaps permanently, if you take away the nomination. It must be apparent to you that Senator Obama will not lead you to victory. You have to know this. But you fear that denying him support will create a permanent fissure between black voters and Democrats. No Democrat has the courage to examine this flawed premise. It is up to me to advise and address you superdelegates to consider some facts. President John Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy wiretapped Dr. King. Black voters stayed with Democrats. Democrats stood in the schoolhouse doors vowing, "Segregation forever!"

Democrats voted against landmark civil rights legislation; Republicans passed it. Blacks stayed with Democrats. Bull Connor was a Democrat. Blacks stayed with Democrats. Democrats created the welfare state, destroying millions of black families. Blacks stayed with Democrats. Democrats bent over forward for the teachers unions, ruining public education for generations of black kids; leaving them unequipped to participate as equals in American society. Yet! Black voters stayed with Democrats. Democrats urged the early release of criminals to further prey on law-abiding black citizens. Blacks stayed with Democrats. Democrats threw blacks under the bus during the immigration debate. After Rosa Parks finally moved to the front of the bus, Democrats threw blacks under it during the immigration debate because Hispanics are now the largest minority voting bloc. Blacks stayed with Democrats. Democrats have not supported blacks achieving power.

Carl McCall was running for governor of New York, and was denied funds from Terry McAuliffe at the Democrat National Committee. This audience contributed to McCall's campaign. Civil rights icon Maynard Jackson wanted to be head honcho of the Democrat National Convention. He was denied. Blacks stayed with Democrats. Earlier this year in Selma, Alabama, Mrs. Clinton shows up; mocks the way black people speak. Her husband, Bill Clinton, the reputed "first black president," shows up in South Carolina and plays not the race card, but a whole deck of race cards! (doing Clinton impression) "Obama? Ha! Of course he gonna win. I mean, it's like Jesse Jackson. I mean, he's the black guy." Blacks stayed with Democrats. You superdelegates in the Democrat Party, you're worried about denying Obama the nomination because you fear that your black voters will abandon you permanently? Come, come! Review your history with me once again. You Democrats have already done far worse to black voters than yanking the nomination away from Barack Obama. Have no fear, superdelegates. Be confident. Blacks will stay with you. So will Jesse Jackson, so will Al Sharpton, and you can have them.

Although Rush is right on the history here I have a feeling this issue cuts to the bone with Blacks and it might be just the thing to break what can only (in light of the facts Rush recited) be considered the unnatural hold the Democratic Party has on Blacks.

The bottom line here, though is that Obama is a weak candidate but most of the Democratic power structure has already thrown in with him so that and the above mentioned fear, whether reasonable or not, that Blacks might turn on them will probably be enough to secure him the nomination. But if he's bleeding here in the Democratic primaries there is a very good chance that in the general election he will turn out to be an electoral hemophiliac.

Now if we only had a real conservative running instead of John McCain...

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