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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

And Now The Award For Worst Actor In A Celebrity Endorsement - The Winner Is - Tom Hanks

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Beware: Celebrity Endorsement

Okay, we know Tom Hanks is the modern Jimmy Stewart, a terrific and entertaining actor as well as being a smart producer, solid writer and good director. He's a bright guy. So then could somebody please explain what the Hell that thing is up above?

Hanks sits there, pasty and poorly made up, almost, but not quite, looking directly into the camera and, with the enthusiasm of someone telling you about their last visit to the dentist proceeds to endorse (I know it is a shock) Barack Obama. Apparently not able to get the whole, not very long speech in one take, Hank's camera jerkily turns off and on as he reads the uninspired ("...history with a capital "H"...) and historically suspect (Was Washington turning over power to Adams really the first time in "recorded human history" when there was a peaceful transfer of power to a non-relative??) tract he proudly admits to having written himself. An utterly abysmal performance.

It is odd that an actor of real gifts is able to convincingly mouth the words other people put in his mouth should be so completely unconvincing when mouthing his own thoughts. If he wants some pointers about how this thing should be done he might check out the following:

Tom Hanks, I feel I knew Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan was a President of mine. Tom Hanks, you're no Ronald Reagan.

1 comment:

Aurora said...

He's no Ronald Reagan...That goes without saying. Really, despite all their clever little antics, most Hollywood actors are empty polished shells.