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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another Split Decision - Means Obama Wins

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Oh yeah, she's gone, finished, done. As I write this at 8ish PM EST on Tuesday Obama has taken North Carolina by what looks like it will be an impressive margin and Indiana is still too close to call but is leaning towards Clinton who will probably take it by a much smaller margin. Hillary, being a Clinton will not give up while there is any chance of prevailing, even if that chance is so small that it requires an electron microscope to spot. But for all practical purposes, she can't win. According to the NY Times if she continues to win delegates in the remaining primaries by the same margins that she has so far she will need to win better than 77% of the super-delegates to win the nomination. It ain't gonna happen.

Obama has had a miserable couple of weeks, with former mentor Wright whacking away at him and stories about Bill Ayers and the stupid, anti-American comments of his wife and his poor, amateurish handling of, well, everything he's down but not nearly down enough. On the other hand Hillary's had a terrific couple of weeks. She batted eyelashes at Bill O'Reilly and came out of her interview with him none the worse for wear. She's practically lived on the Fox News set and been treated fine (RIP vast right-wing conspiracy) and even been coquettish with Rush Limbaugh by proxy. She's been funny. She's been smart. But she's still history.

The media will continue to act like there is a race to cover. They like the ratings. Hey, everybody's still having fun. Everybody but Hillary. She's over.

The oleaginous and insufferable Dick Morris has been saying this for a long time now; the numbers just aren't there for Clinton any more. Those members of the leadership of the Democratic Party who are not so blinded by deranged ideology and chants of "Change" (I think there are about 3 of them left) can't be happy. Obama is a weak, a very weak candidate. According to the Real Clear Politics' average Hillary would be a stronger candidate in the general election than Obama. But she's finished.

Did I say that already?

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