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Friday, May 9, 2008

One Tough Bastard...And I Don't Mean The Bear

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I don't know about you but after reading this story I sort of feel like a bit of a sissy.

VANCOUVER -- British Columbians are being warned to be extra vigilant of bear attacks after a man was mauled by a 400-kilogram grizzly on Saturday.

Brent Case, 53, was doing surveying work for a power company just east of Bella Coola when, he told his son, "he felt like someone was watching him."

"[The bear] initially grabbed him and threw him to the ground," Dean Case said.

"It was kind of boggy where he was and he fell down and there was a log nearby, so he tried to . . . put himself under the log. But the bear grabbed him by the other arm and pulled him out from under there."

The younger Case said "after the bear pulled him back out and chomped on the back of his head, he thought he was going to die."

His father wasn't dead, but he pretended to be while the bear jumped up and down on him several times, then finally wandered off.

In spite of severe gashes on his head and upper arm, bites to his elbow and knee and bleeding profusely, he managed to drive his pickup truck about 25 kilometres out of the bush to a nearby settlement.

"I knew right away he'd been attacked by something," said Rob Sandford who initially helped Case. "What I could see [he was] basically covered in blood."

Case was rushed to hospital in Bella Coola and then airlifted to Vancouver General Hospital, where he remained yesterday.

"The stitches are stapled all over the back and the side of his head, and over his upper arm," Dean Case said. "He's a pretty smart guy and he kept his face down when it was happening, so he doesn't have any damage to his face."

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