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Friday, March 28, 2008

And You Thought Cartoons Were Trouble?

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After the violence that followed the publication of the now famous Danish cartoons that showed the prophet Mohammed, supposedly in contravention of the Koran and the murder of Danish filmmaker Theo Van Gogh you might have thought no other Dane would have the guts to thwart Islamofascist demands. Fortunately, you'd be wrong. Filmmaker and Dutch Cabinet member Geert Wilders is scheduled to release Fitna, which

will elaborate on verses from the Quran accompanied by documentary
footage from the world of Islam.

It is, as you might expect, very violent showing such acts of savagery as beheadings, suicide bombings etc. and ties them directly to the Koranic passages that authorize them. Needless to say the impending release of the film has caused a huge amount of alarm and controversy in Denmark; the Dutch cabinet met last night to discuss what to do about it. It is reported that the Dutch public prosecution department had considered investigating the possibility of filing charges against the filmmaker but never followed through. And the Dutch are not the only concerned party; the EU is putting their diplomatic missions on alert, preparing for the possibility of trouble.

And trouble is something they just may get.

    • Zabihullah Mujahid has stressed that the Taliban will increase their
      attacks on Dutch military and humanitarian peacekeepers in Afghanistan, if the film was ever aired.

    • Wilders received a fatwa by Al-Qaeda, calling all Muslims around the world to assassinate Wilders in the name of Islam.

    • Syria’s Grand Mufti, leader Ahmad Badr al-Din said that if Geert Wilders pictures the image of a burning Koran in his film, the Dutch people will be held responsible and possible attacks against Western public interests are not out of the question.

The various governments are not the only ones to be apprehensive about such threats.

Earlier this week Network Solutions pulled the plug on a promotional
website for the film and YouTube removed the first part of the videoclip, citing "terms of use violation". Wilders was also turned down by all Dutch broadcasters.

Despite these setbacks Wilders is committed to releasing the film which he sees as alerting people to the true nature of Islam which he sees as a threat to Western freedoms. How the West handles the reaction to this film may well prove instructive as to how much will the West has in the struggle against Islamofascism

UPDATE: The film has just been released and can be seen in above.

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