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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Where She's Headed?

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David Brooks' latest column, The Long Defeat does a pretty good job of summarizing the Democrats' current predicament. While the numbers at this point make it a near impossibility for Hillary to win (Brooks puts it at about 5%), her massive ego won't let her do the rational thing and pull out. Brooks does a good job of getting inside Hillary's head and looking at the situation from her perspective:

The better answer is that Clinton’s long rear-guard action is the
logical extension of her relentlessly political life.

For nearly 20 years, she has been encased in the apparatus of political celebrity. Look at her schedule as first lady and ever since. Think of the thousands of staged events, the tens of thousands of times she has pretended to be delighted to see someone she doesn’t know, the hundreds of thousands times she has recited empty clich├ęs and exhortatory banalities, the millions of photos she has posed for in which she is supposed to appear empathetic or tough, the billions of politically opportune half-truths that have bounced around her head.

You can almost hear Hillary thinking, "I stayed married to that bum and went through all this crap and all I got was this crummy Senate seat?" She is simply not equipped to handle such a possibility and so she will persevere and slash and burn Obama, using the race card like Lester Maddox on speed and level charges of dishonesty and corruption and whatever else a drowning woman can get her hands on to shove him out of the way and grab at that golden 5% chance.

In fact Hillary already has become Mike Huckabee pumped up with female hormones. Huckabee's pointless end campaign looks smart compared to Hillary's current moves. He kept on well after it made any kind of mathematical sense, without tearing and ripping at the de-facto nominee's coat-tails, trying to prove that even with the odds stacked completely against him, he still could pull votes. In truth, Huckabee's behavior made sense for a guy who was hoping to make a case for the Vice Presidential slot or to remain viable for 2012 or 2016.

Hillary's intransigence is pointless and very soon she will start to seem like Howard Beale of Network fame, mad with no sense of [her] own mental deterioration. Liberals who are so eager to patholigize every behavior might be interested in this analysis of Hillary by Dr. Paul Lowinger, who says of her that she was,

"...dowdy-looking... wearing a misshapen brown dress-like hide her lumpy body..fat ankles and thick calves covered with black hair...wide on her toes...a definite odor of
perspiration...greasy hair...eyes bulged out of focus... dark thick eyebrow which crossed ...her forehead..." Gennifer describes Hillary as, "...a fat hanging down...big thick glasses...ugly dress...a big fat butt...behaving oddly...buzzing around." Bill's mother Virginia, another rivalrous Southern woman had a similar if more muted response when she met Hillary, "No makeup. Coke-bottle glasses. Brown hair with no apparent style."

This is Cinderella before the arrival of the Fairy Godmother and Prince
Charming when the dirty and ragged char girl is transformed into a Princess: influential attorney, policy leader, cultural icon, intellectual, author, mother and a styled First Lady. Why dredge up the sludge then? Because beside the Oedipal, sadomasochistic, frigid and over controlled Hillary is the needy little girl, beautiful and worthy who is searching for love.

Hillary is on the verge of having the glass slipper pulled away forever. Cinderella is about to morph into Howard Beale. Even for those of us who are anything but Hillary fans, this could be painful to watch.

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