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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Best Defense Is...

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This story from the AP falls under the category of the best defense being a good offense. In it we see that,

Iran is demanding compensation for what it says are unlawful
sanctions imposed by the U.N. for refusing to suspend uranium enrichment, the Mideast nation's foreign minister said in a letter...

Of course nobody is fooled by this kind of tactic, which Iran uses so regularly and which allows Bush Administration haters who would rather hurt Bush than face the threat of Iran use to try to make the President look like a warmonger.

Foreign ministers of the six countries that have been in the
forefront of efforts to ensure that Iran's nuclear intentions are peaceful—the U.S., Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany—issued a joint statement to coincide with the council's adoption of a third sanctions resolution on March 3 reaffirming their approach.

They offered to improve a package of political, security and economic incentives they put on the table in June 2006 if Iran suspends enrichment—but said continued defiance will lead to further measures.

While I suppose this is better than encouraging Iran the fact remains that while we engage in all this diplomatic back-and-forth Iran gets closer to actually having a real nuke every... single... day.

Tick Tick Tick

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