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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Aiming For Sensible Policies

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In a move almost guaranteed to lower their GPAs some students at the University of Central Florida have taken to walking around campus with empty gun holsters in protest of University administrators' banning the carrying of firearms. An obvious response to the recent high profile high school and university bloodbaths the students here are showing more maturity than most of their professors who are more interested in Left-wing fantasies than real-world facts.

The kids in the video make what should be an undeniable fact; that if there had been other students on campus carrying firearms Columbine and Virginia Tech would have been much less bloody affairs. Dr. John Lott, author of More Guns, Less Crime, The Bias Against Guns and Straigh Shooting has written,

While right-to-carry laws - now operating in 40 states - do reduce violent crime generally, the effect is much larger for multiple-victim shootings. Normally about 2 to 6 per cent of adults in any state have permits, and for most crimes that means some deterrence. But for a shooting in a public place where there might be dozens or hundreds of people, it will almost ensure that at least someone - someone who is unknown to the attacker - will be able to defend themselves and others.

People won't have to wait helplessly for the killer to get them.
Students deserve schools that put their safety first. It encouraging to see them making that point.

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