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Friday, April 25, 2008

Operation Chaos Scores Again - John McCain, Not So Much

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North Carolina Republican Party- Obama Ad

McCain Condemns Obama, Rev. Wright Ad

The North Carolina Republican Ad which points out Barack Obama's friendship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright has gotten scads of attention over the last few days, most of it missing the point. Chief among the point-miss-ers is, as usual, John McCain who, sight unseen denounced it. McCain, of course never misses an opportunity to remind Republicans, who periodically try to forget, how much contempt he has for them. His criticism of the ad is empty and baseless. Listen to him becoming increasingly agitated in the clip, above and you'll notice that while he's railing against "the kind of ad that was put up by the North Carolina Republican party" he never actually says why he finds it to be so objectionable. Probably because there is nothing objectionable about it. It is a mere restatement of the fact that Obama has had a longstanding relationship with the racist Rev.

In fact the ad is ostensibly aimed at two Democratic gubernatorial candidates but if they were its real targets the ad would have to be considered a failure. Their connection to Obama and his relationship with Wright is too remote to have any effect on any rational voter. It is kind of like saying that you won't vote for Congressman X because his third cousin is a pedophile. There have to be better arguments against these guys.

Rush Limbaugh sees the ad as another beachhead in Operation Chaos' master plan, reminding voters why Obama is untrustworthy leading them into Hillary Clinton's camp. On these grounds Rush is probably right. The North Carolina Primary is May 6 and the timing of the ad is coincidental enough that it is likely no coincidence at all. McCain probably figures that coming out against the ad and slugging the Republicans will help him with Dems and Independents. He can't be blamed for doing something that will benefit him but somehow he always manages to do it at the expense of the rest of the Republican Party. This screw-you attitude may fit his personality and it may gain him some non-Republican votes but you have to wonder how much of this Republicans are willing to take. It is only April. Another seven months of the same and McCain may just find that he's picked up a few new friends and lost a lot more old.

Sister Toldjah also has her say on the matter.

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