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Monday, April 21, 2008

Just Call Him Lucky

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Word is that John McCain is one superstitious guy, in which case this year he must have spent more time looking for his "lucky pen", checking his "lucky compass" and tenderly massaging his "lucky feather" than campaigning. Nobody is luckier than McCain these days. Just a short time ago he was persona non grata on the Right, Mr. Illegal Immigration and "that Maverick", a term said with glee by the msm but with venom by the Republican base.

Today he's the presumptive Republican nominee and with the Democratic nominees ripping each other to shreds in a mad dash to see who can go the furthest to the Left the fastest, he's starting to look like he might even win in November.

The Politico reports on how McCain is proving to be the recipient of all the bad luck that has befallen all of his rivals. At this point in the race McCain doesn't have to do much of anything to nail down his base and bring Independents to his side. With each effective whacking Hillary gives Obama and Obama gives back the voters are becoming more and more disenchanted with each of them. Conservatives aren't really paying him much attention as the sheer awfulness of Obama/Clinton makes any Republican look good. And John McCain is certainly any Republican. Through nothing but sheer luck he's managed to go from nobodies first choice to the only choice.

But before conservatives start breathing a sigh of relief that their guy isn't either of the Democrats they should remember all the things about McCain that, should he win, will leave them let down frequently and profoundly. From immigration to the environment to campaign finance reform to the peculiar joy he seems to take in sticking it to his own supporters John McCain is sure to go his own way and that way is often not our way.

So before we let take too much joy in the latest Democratic scuffle we should not forget that while John McCain may be nothing but lucky this year the same can't be said for conservatives. No matter what happens this November, over the next four years conservatives are going to have to make their own luck. Anybody have any lucky feathers?

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