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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

*Yawn* Primary Day - Oh Well, Here We Go Again

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I have to admit that my interest in the Democratic primaries has been sagging mightily over the past few months. It would seem that the die has been cast with each state primary proving inconclusive and leaving the status boringly quo. Obama can't quite land the coup de grace and Hillary staggers around the ring, looking like she might finally either drop or land a surprising come-from-behind winning blow. And then she doesn't, leaving the ring looking much like it did in the previous round.

The only entertainment has come from the pre-game shows; the revelations about Obama's interesting buddies and Hillary's howlers, whoppers so big it makes you wonder if she has been studying Mein Kampf, copying Hitler's concept of the Big Lie, a falsehood so enormous people automatically believe it because "No one would have the nerve to tell a lie that big so it must be true." Sadly none of this amusing jousting seems to have any effect when primary day comes and on they roll to the next.

The most recent contribution to the sideshow is Hillary's latest commercial, above, in which the question is asked (over images of national and international turmoil), "Who do you think has what it takes?". The answer is supposed to be obvious but for the life of me I can't imagine that anyone would spontaneously answer "Hillary". In fact, before Hillary actually shows up I thought this was a McCain commercial. I wonder if this spot might not wind up shooting Hillary in the foot because when her image finally shows up, it is so unexpected and surprising I almost reflexively yelled out "You're kidding?" I'm guessing a fair amount of the electorate has the same reaction.

Anyway, by the end of today day all the the talking heads will agree that there has been no movement and the next primary down the road will be the one which is "decisive". Personally I'll just be waiting to see what new sludge Hill and Barry throw at each other. Oh yeah, and the next unintentionally amusing commercial.

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Aurora said...

Nocomme1, they're getting so bad (Obama and Clinton) that even the far left students and teachers I work with are commenting about how childish they're sounding. Personally, I'm gleeful. I sincerely hope they knock each other out by the big day. Well, we can wish, can't we? :)