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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Obama's Secret Weapon - Bill Clinton

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If you didn't know better you would almost believe that Bill Clinton is working undercover for Obama. Interviews like the one above show him off in all his venality, defensiveness and dishonesty. Sounding thin-skinned and somewhat dumb it is astonishing that this is the guy the media touts as being one of the best political minds of our time. Hillary is lucky that the other spouse in the game, Michelle Obama may be Bill's equal in terms of being a loose cannon.

Know them by the company they keep.

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Aurora said...

Nocomme1, I think Bill Clinton has gone into early senility with some of the comments he's been making. Apart from these ones, he commented to Aussie actress, Cate Blanchett that blond artists are just a little ahead of the rest of the culture...or something inane to that effect. Now is that a corny pickup line or what? Mind you, she was just dumb enough to be immensely flattered. The club of self-congratulation lives on in the Left.