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Friday, June 13, 2008

John McCain Is Learning A Lesson About What The "New Politics" Is Like - Same Old Same Old

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It is probably a very good thing for John McCain that the Dems have their nominee locked in so far in advance of the conventions and the "official" start of the Presidential race. All this lead time should give McCain plenty of opportunity to see how self-defeating will be his planned "civil" campaign against Barack Obama.

Despite giving oh-so-very-many hope, Obama, a "new kind of politician" ya know, seems oddly comfortable with lying to the public about McCain's comments and positions, not to mention dropping the very old-type-of-politicians habit of speaking in "code phrases" (about which the Left are so sensitive) about McCain's age.

The Obama distortion that McCain is responding to above is sort of the continuation of his lie of a few months ago in which he tried to make it sound as if McCain would be happy if American troops remained in Iraq for "100 years". Obama intentionally made it sound like McCain would be happy with American soldiers fighting and dying there for 100 years. In fact McCain meant then, as he means in the current situation that it wouldn't be terrible if American troops were in Iraq in the future the way American troops are still in Japan and South Korea, as non-fighting monitors. At the time even the msm thought Obama's distortion was egregious enough to confront him on it directly. That didn't stop Mr. Hope and Change. He blithely just kept on 'a lyin'.

There are more chinks in Saint Obama's armor than in any other candidate in recent memory. From his radical buddies, his socialist policies, his lack of any demonstrated policy or legislative leadership, his breathtaking ignorance on foreign policy, his lack of curiosity about what is really going on on the ground in Iraq, his quotidian gaffes and on and on, Obama is a veritable goldmine of material that can be used for attacks. If, in spite of Obama's gutter tactics McCain still finds it uncivil to hit him over the head with rhetorical 2x4s on a regular basis he will certainly lose.

Hopefully for him these recent hints of the deluge of garbage the Dems are about to drop on him has been bracing enough that he'll understand what it is that he's up against and what he'll have to do about it to win.

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