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Friday, June 13, 2008

Obama's REAL Color Problem: Its Not That He's Black; Its That He's Yellow

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Barack Obama, the man who is simply hopping up and down to go head to head with the Iranian Hitler, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and any other kill-crazy maniac who has murdered his way to the leadership of some country or other is scared to death of facing John McCain. McCain's comments in the video above refer to his original offer to Obama to meet with him mano-y-mano in a series of ten unstructured joint-candidate townhall meetings. As McCain notes in the video Obama has backed out of eight of those debates, accepts one that will be Lincoln/Douglas style (they'll give long speeches to each other and take no questions) and one townhall gathering on JULY 4 when nobody is watching TV.

What this says about Obama is that what we all know already is correct: the townhall format, in which longer, detailed answers are required is not his forte. In the past this type of unscripted forum has led to some of Obama's most embarrassing moments on the campaign trail. He stutters and stammers and mangles the facts, contradicting himself with wild abandon. In other words without a script in front of him he shows himself to be the shallow glass of water many on the Right believe him to be. His refusal to accept McCain's offer shows that he believes it, too. His refusal to go up against McCain in this kind of unstructured format is an amazing admission, especially contrasted with how he says he will handle foreign leaders. On the one one hand he's telling us that he doesn't have the goods to deal with McCain while on the campaign trail he's telling us he will meet with the Ahmadinejad's of the world, who are conspiring against us, ASAP and without preconditions.

Whatever you may think about McCain (and I've stated my negative feelings about him ad nauseum in numerous posts) he doesn't want to blow America up. Ahmadinejad does. So Obama would prefer to risk screwing up against a guy who is a genuine danger to the country than with a man who is only a danger to Obama's own ambitions. Obama isn't just a coward, he's also a fool and as President he would be a dangerous one.

I was listening to Brit Hume's show last night and in the roundtable session they were discussing Obama's refusal to take on McCain in the ten townhalls. While acknowledging that Obama was a coward for avoiding them they felt that this really wouldn't matter to the electorate as the main issues in the campaign will remain the eoconomy and the war. Well they may have been right about the issues but they were wrong about Obama's behavior in this situation being irrelevant. The public is still forming their opinions about Obama and if they come to see that he simply doesn't have what it takes to lead that will affect how they vote. In conjunction with Obama's socialist policies McCain should highlight Obama's cowardice daily. He has the wrong message and he is the wrong man. If people recognize that, Obama can't win.

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Anonymous said...

The McCain Campaign is taking an idea from the Obama Campaign and have launched a new website devoted to fighting rumors and political attacks,

Aurora said...

It's amazing to me that out of a nation of 300 million people, many of whom are brave, noble and highly intelligent, we end up with someone who thinks the country has 57 states and can't even handle a political debate as the choice of the masses for the highest office in the land. Where are the Abraham Lincolns for heaven's sake? This man, Obama, is, at best a pinch of fluff and at worst, a dangerous Benedict Arnold.

Nocomme1 said...

Obama is emblematic of the emptiness and dangers of liberalism. His policies, rather than being "new" are nothing more than a collection of old, failed policies from the US and abroad. He doesn't even seem to understand them himself. He is a product of the corrupt Chicago political machine, his associates are extremists, he has no proven leadership ability, he has no accomplishments of the sort that are usually considered essential in a President, he...well it goes on and on.

He has arrived at where he is for a few simple reasons: his skin color, liberal guilt, media bias and the stranglehold the far left now has on the Dem party.

If elected the damage he is likely to do will make Jimmy Carter's abysmal 4 years in office seem like a golden age.