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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shh! Don't Tell Al Gore: Late Spring Snowstorm On Mount Hood

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Its a darn good thing that Al Gore is impervious to facts because if he cared a lick about the truth this story would rattle the King of Global Warming:

Winter-like weather returned to the Northwest as snow fell across the state Tuesday including on Mount Hood where drivers were dealing with unusual weather for this time of year.

And while it didn't cause major problems, most people were asking, "What happened to spring?"

The snowfall at Timberline Tuesday was amazing, blowing snow and ice most of the day. There was packed snow and ice on the roadway that turned to slush in some spots and the trees were coated thickly.

Even though the Fourth of July is less than a month away to many it seemed more like February.

"I don't ever remember it being this much snow this late in the season," one mountain resident said.

People who live on the mountain said they found 3 to 4 inches of fresh snow on the ground Tuesday morning and it was a shocker -- even for those who stay there year-round.

"It is not supposed to do this in June," Bill Roberson of South Carolina said with a laugh as he stood in the falling snow wearing shorts.

It must be getting harder and harder to be Al Gore.

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