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Monday, June 9, 2008

Obama In Full

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Ok. The primaries are over. Hillary has curtsied her way out the door and now Barack Obama, Lightworker and "attuned being" who will bring about a "new way of being on the planet" is preparing to take his place among the mere pretenders on Mount Rushmore. Well, while the "Lightworker" bs may be slightly overheated even for the mainstream media, it isn't by much. The msm will spend the time from now to the general election explaining new reasons why BO deserves to be beatified. And though John McCain may have been their favorite Republican up until now that is something like being one's favorite rancid stench; you may prefer to smell it more than all those other really foul stinks but when a field of Lilacs (Obama) turns up you run as far away from your favorite stench as quickly as you can. That's pretty much what John McCain will be discovering over the next few months. What's an old fogey, *YAWN* war hero, RINO candidate to do?

John McCain talks about running a "civil" campaign which would be quaint, if it wasn't so disturbing. It reminds me of how Bush came to office with hopes of "creating a new atmosphere" in Washington and working with the Democrats. Yeah, that went well. Running a "civil campaign" against the Democrats , expecting that they will reciprocate, is like going to duke it out with Al Qaeda with the expectation that you'll both play by the equivalent of Marquess of Queensberry rules.

Even after all these months of primaries the American people still haven't taken the measure of Obama. On the one hand they like his "change-happy, "hope"full rhetoric but they're also aware of the Reverend Wright issue and they haven't liked what they've seen, and there is an resevoir of distrust right under the surface. McCain needs to flesh Obama out and put meat on the bare bones the American people have seen so far. Obama is the most flawed candidate in memory and if McCain finds it un-civil to explain that fact in detail, we better all get ready for the US to turn into the Netherlands over these next four or (God help us) eight years.

There are a lot of questions about Obama that Americans need the answer to before an informed decision can be made as to whether they believe that their future should be turned over to him. Following are just some of the questions John McCain needs to ask frequently to educate the public, ignoring what will be the Obama campaign's and the media's growing anger over their repetition:

1) Why have so many of your associates been so anti-American?

A) Since there are so many of them, it leads one to believe that you felt comfortable around them. Do you?

B) If not, what opinions of theirs were you unaware of until recently?

C) If you say you were unaware of their attitudes and actions (which they've hardly tried to keep secret) doesn't this call into question your judgement?

D) If you say you that you shouldn't be held accountable for the opinions of those around you, would you mind if a Republican candidate kept company with a David Duke or an Eric Rudolph? If yes, why? If no, why not?

2) You say you are a leader who will bring people together. When have you done this?

3) I (John McCain) am known as a "maverick". That means I often went against my party and reached across the aisle. In the brief time you've been in the Senate, in those many I reached out, you never reached back. Why not?

A) And related to leadership when you were an Illinois state senator you had a reputation of avoiding the tough votes. You had one of the highest records of voting "present" instead voting "yes" or "no" on bills in the Illinois senate. How can voting "present" be considered leadership?

4) You are the most liberal member of the US Senate. When have you had the courage to vote against the far left of your party?

5) Please explain what your experience is in foreign policy?

6) Will you raise taxes?

7) If after all the effort, blood, sweat and tears we've put into Iraq, if we do as you say you will,and pull out and the forces of radical Islam come back in and take over again, slaughtering many of those who had been our allies, who in the world do yoyu believe will ever trust us again?

8) Who do you admire more, Jimmy Carter or Ronald Reagan?


These are the kind of questions that McCain has to ask if he is to have any chance of beating Obama. The funny thing is that, since the msm will be doing their level best to protect Obama, McCain's allies in this big reveal will be conservatives, the very group he seems to disdain more than any other. Rush, Laura, Sean, NRO, the conservative blogosphere will be trumpeting Obama's flaws as often and as loudly as they can.

It will both odd and a shame if the candidate who will benefit by their efforts aren't joined by him. But sadly, one thing it won't be is surprising.

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