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Friday, June 13, 2008

Mugabe's Reign Of Terror Continues - World Shrugs

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Serial killer and election-thief Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is continuing his brutal ways in the aftermath of his country's recent much disputed Presidential election.

President Robert Mugabe's regime struck at his rivals Thursday only two weeks before Zimbabwe's presidential runoff, twice detaining his challenger and jailing the No. 2 opposition leader to face treason charges.

The U.S. ambassador, meanwhile, said 20 tons of American food aid heading to impoverished Zimbabwean children had been seized by authorities last week and given to Mugabe supporters at a rally.

The repeated detentions, coupled with Western accusations that Mugabe's regime is using food as a weapon, dramatically demonstrate the obstacles to the campaign thrown up by the longtime leader.

"This is a government that is taking tremendous and, frankly, awful strides to maintain its power, that is increasingly abusing its own citizens and has raised, or should I say lowered, the bar to a level that we rarely see," State Department spokesman Gonzalo Gallegos said in Washington.

Morgan Tsvangirai, who led the opening round of presidential voting 2 1/2 months ago and faces the increasingly autocratic Mugabe in a June 27 runoff, was first stopped at a roadblock in the south and held at a police station for about two hours, his party said.

Apparently feeling these actions aren't enough to frighten and silence his opponents Mugabe has found more horrific ways to get his point across:

BRUTALITY has sunk to new lows in Zimbabwe ahead of this month's election, with government militiamen burning people alive.

It emerged yesterday that three people linked to the Opposition Movement for Democratic Change party were killed in two attacks last Friday.

Dadirai Chipiro, 45, was attacked by three men seeking her husband who was away on business, The Times reported.

They grabbed Ms Chipiro and chopped off a hand and both her feet.

Then they shoved her into her hut, locked the door and hurled a petrol bomb through the window.

On Friday the 21-year-old pregnant wife of a local councillor in Harare - Pamela Pasvani - was burned to death.

The councillor's six-year-old son also died in the fire.

Mugabe's neighboring countries have been approached about dealing with him in the past and have instead given him a total pass. That is why attempts to involve them in the current situation are so depressing:

[US Ambassador James] McGee called on Zimbabwe's neighbors to intervene, saying the Southern African Development Community should send more observers to ensure peace before and during the vote.

Officials of the regional group said 120 monitors would deploy beginning Thursday and plans called for a total of 400 observers by election day—three times the number sent for the March 29 vote.

"We'd like to see three to four times that," McGee said. "Then I think we would have an opportunity" for free and fair elections.

The opposition, McGee and other foreign diplomats, and Zimbabwean and international human rights groups accuse Mugabe of unleashing violence against Tsvangirai's supporters to ensure Mugabe wins the runoff.

The government and Mugabe's party deny the allegations.

And so Mugabe's monstrous reign of terror goes on. And so does the "world community" of which so many in the US are so impressed, without any real intention to do anything about him.

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